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    Hardy Cloud

    HardyCloud is a high performing business grade system built for the latest demanding business programs to run your business.

    HardyCloud is built inside Microsoft's Azure platform.

    Are you needing to invest more capital in servers ? Why pay thousands for hardware that will soon become obsolete? While some companies require on premises servers for certain applications, the choice is not whether to use the HardyCloud OR stay with my servers. The choice is what is the best investment I can make that will benefit my busines? Hardy IT can support and guide you to make this decision.  This might mean retiring your email server and moving your emails to HardyCloud, thus reducing overheads, maintenance and support costs for the email server and gaining the benefits of a world wide hosting platform with guaranteed 99.9% up-time. This will leaving your PC's to mange the day to day work load. It also might mean that you move 100% of your on premises servers and services to HardyCloud. This will reduce the costs of PC's and Laptops as you don't require high end machines to work on a Remote Desktop. 

    Flexible in it's design and ability to scale to your specific requirements as required, enables Hardy IT to tailor a hosting environment to suit your business needs. Hardy IT can offer:

    • 100% cloud based or
    • hybrid of on premises and cloud solutions.

    Moving your businesses IT systems to the HardyCloud dramatically reduces your IT infrastructure costs and frees up capital to invest back into your company's growth.

    The benefits of the HardyCloud solution are vast.

    • Always on. HardyCloud is hosted across multiple data centers ensuring a high available redundant system.
    • Access from anywhere. Why restrict your operations to your office. HardyCloud can be access from anywhere and from any device.
    • Reduce hardware costs. With HardyCloud, there is no need to purchase expensive servers, workstations or laptops.
    • All of the processing power is in HardyCloud. If you need more processing power we simply increase hardware requirements as required.
    • Hardy IT manage upgrades and software installations.
    • Local support.
    • Bundle all of your services to HardyIT to fully manage your IT requirements and be your virtual IT department.

    This is just a short list of the benefits for your business if you engage Hardy IT.

    If you are eager to know more about how HardyCloud can improve your busingess please contact us.

    HardyCloud in Azure