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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What does UNLIMITED Support mean ?

    • Unlimited support requests can be made via direct ticket system, email or phone.
    • We will fix and support the device and user for anything associated with the device.
    • No time limits on support requests.
    • Some companies offer unlimited support with conditions so that you end up not really getting unlimited support.

    Q. Where is our data stored if we use the HardyCloud ?

    • HardyCloud is hosted in Australian data centers. The option to have your data globally redundant is also available.

    Q. We have a server onsite, can we backup to HardyCloud ?

    • Yes you can. We can provide offsite backups for your server that can be replicated across data centers in Australia or overseas depending on your requirements.

    • No need to swap tapes or USB drives.

    Q. Do I need to pay upfront for Microsoft Licenses for the HardyCloud ?

    • Absolutely not. We are a Microsoft SPLA partner that enables us to provide the latest software on a subscription basis.
    • You'll never have to worry about a hefty upgrade when a new version comes out.

    Q. We are always having issues with spam and viruses, can you help?

    • Spam and Viruses are a pain. Not only do they cause annoyance but the can cause significant issues for your business.
    • Hardy IT use the latest technologies to filter out spam for you.
    • Antivirus protection is something we value highly.
    • If we are providing Unlimited user and system support we want to make sure your systems are well protected. So all of our Managed clients get Spam Filtering and Virus Protection included.